Email, SMS & Social Marketing

Grow your business and build relationships with your customers. Our e-messaging solution helps marketers like you to deliver powerful email, SMS, social and lifecycle marketing campaigns.

Send your first campaign in minutes

Strategic email marketing made simple with BetterMail. Inform and engage your audience with stunning email campaigns tailored to the individual subscriber.

Our e-messaging solution has been designed for spam compliance and maximum deliverability ensuring your emails reach the right inbox.

Our e-marketing tool also has allows you to connect with your clients via SMS and social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These additional tools will help you synchronise your email and social marketing as well as spread your brand messages further.

We give you everything you need to create your e-marketing campaigns including;

  • Over 60 templates

  • Drag & drop template editor

  • File & image manager

  • Drag & drop template editor

  • Custom HTML

  • Automation

  • Open & click through rates

  • Webforms & Surveys

  • Simple data upload

  • Data security

  • Email testing

  • Social reach reporting

Please click here to download our Bettermail PDF Brochure


Monthly Fees - Contacts

There is a minimum $30 a month fee that allows you to manage up to 1,000 contacts. This fee is then scaled based on the number of contacts you have in your account. There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime.

Email Send Fees

The send costs are calculated on the total number of emails sent throughout the month.

The cost per email ranges from $0.04 cents per email down to $0.01 cent per email depending on how many emails you send within a month.

Please click here for more information and to access the detailed pricing tables.

Spam Compliance

Spam is defined as unsolicited commercial electronic messages including email and SMS. BetterMail has numerous policies, procedures, technology and educational programs to help businesses reduce and eliminate spam. We also have a number of in-built features that aim to ensure your business is spam compliant and adheres to the essential practices of consent, identify and unsubscribe as outlined in the Spam Act.

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