Arrow Financials

Arrow Research Corporation (ARC) was established in Australia in 1989, their 13 year commitment to developing cost-effective, reliable and integrated business solutions has won acclaim from leading business associations and publications around the globe. Currently Arrow has offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Malaysia. Arrow currently has more than 50,000 registered clients..

The package is available in both Dataflex and SQL platforms. Arrows' full range of modules includes:


General Ledger
Fixed Assets
Sales Orders
Bill Of Materials
Purchase Orders
Job Costing

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Security Menu
Stock Special Pricing
Serial, Batch Tracking
Foreign Currency
Extended General Ledger
Data Transfer
Advanced Sales Analysis
Front Counter
Multi-Location Stock


From London to Sydney, our new global village knows no borders.. your customers are unlimited. The power to do business from anywhere - securely, 24 hours a day, with a simple click. ArrowSHOP opens a new door - making online commerce easy. ArrowSHOP is intelligently linked back to your Arrow Financials software, to allow your customers to view stock availability and pricing online as well as purchase online. This means that the online activity will automatically create the sales order in your Arrow Financials system ready for you to package and ship the goods without duplicated processing.

Online commerce has never been easier. Arrow presents an affordable, functional ecommerce and business solution that gives your business wings, sending it to all corners of the globe. ArrowSHOP capitalises on the versatility of Arrow Financials software and takes it one step further, enabling small to medium enterprises to market their product and services online.

Your customers can transact what they want, when they want, with access to your ordering facility and product/service information, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The integrity of data between your business and customers is assured so each transaction can be made with the utmost confidence. No third party front-end is required.

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ArrowLink is the module that operates as the link between the Arrow Financials Database and ArrowShop databases. The Arrowlink database converses with the Arrow Accounting Database by running a series of "Processes". These processes inform Arrowlink when/where/ and how to update the Accounting Database and where to find the information needed to be exchanged between it and ArrowShop. ArrowLink can also be used to facilitate the transfer of data between 3rd party applications and the Arrow Financials database.

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